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About Francesco Macarone Palmieri

Francesco Macarone Palmieri

Francesco Macarone Palmieri

WARBEAR aka as Francesco Macarone Palmieri is a hectic character swinging across such fields as theorical research, music, cinema, contemporary art and cultural production. He is a social anthropologist and an international stimulator of confrontation in Cultural Studies with a focus on sex cultures, queer activisms and pornography. He published a series of books and essays in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Turkish with international editors and magazines. He works with different Research Institutes, Universities, Editions and Newspapers.

Posts By Francesco Macarone Palmieri

A Right To The City / Trans In The Landscape

June 8, 2012 |

In what way is the right to the city expressed through the strategies of squatting?
How could these actions be considered expressions of society rather than places of utopia?

This was part of the basic theoretical inquiry that gave the skeleton to a strange organism. Its name is “BaBel2. The Independent Biennial of Critical Housing”, an event that happened May 15 – 20 in Rome in a very symbolic location: “C.S.O.A. Forte Prenestino”, a squatted social center representing twenty six years of outlaw history and cultural production in Italy. Here the Queer movement produces an interzone; allowing territorial identities to again be deconstructed, reopened and fluctuating. The Independent Biennial of Critical Housing was a huge effort made by the organisers of BaBel2 as an enormous re-evaluation of 20 years of underground liberation history made by this movement.

Allo Performance! - Mirha Soleil Ross (Quebec, 2002. 13 min.)

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