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About Red Durkin

Red Durkin

Red Durkin

Red Durkin is the managing editor of She is a writer, comedian, and vlogger. She has toured extensively as part of the Tranny Roadshow, performed at Camp Trans and the Transgender Leadership Summit, and hosted events nationwide. She has written 9 zines and was featured in the final issue of Punk Planet magazine. Her work on Youtube has been shown in college classrooms, played at various events internationally, and translated into German. She is currently growing a mustache.

Posts By Red Durkin

Activists Rally In Preparation For On-Going Jail Support

May 4, 2012 |

The end of CeCe McDonald’s trial did not end the activism surrounding her case. Immediately after the announcement of the plea bargain, local activists began organizing a noise demonstration outside the jail, which took place at 10pm on Wednesday night. Nearly 300 activists marched around the jail that CeCe is housed in making enough noise so that she could hear the commotion from within the confines of the facility. The group also marched to the nearby juvenile detention center and back, under heavy police presence, but no one was arrested.

Guards know that they can’t give someone a black eye and then have four people come in to visit and witness that.

Local activists are in the process of regrouping after the close of the trial but organized actions are anticipated before the June 4th sentencing hearing, as well as on CeCe’s birthday on May 26th.

Activists who aren’t close enough to attend actions are being encouraged to write letters to the editor of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
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Mara Keisling Attends First Day of CeCe McDonald Trial

May 1, 2012 |

Mara Keisling, the founder and executive director of the National Center Transgender Equality, spoke to PrettyQueer this morning about her experience at day one of the CeCe McDonald trial. Approximately 100 people came out to the Hennepin County Courthouse and, due to limited seating in the courtroom, many were forced to wait in the hallway. The start of McDonald’s trial coincided with the widely publicized trial of Amy Senser, the wife of former Minnesota Vikings tight end, Joe Senser. The hit-and-run case has drawn national media attention, particularly on Monday, when Senser was scheduled to testify for the first time. Keisling indicated that the presence of the national press may have given CeCe’s supporters a false sense that overdue attention was finally being paid to the case, but that the mood in the courthouse remained optimistic and upbeat.
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PQ Interview with CeCe McDonald

February 6, 2012 |

Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald is a young African American trans woman currently being charged with two counts of second degree murder following an incident on June 5th, 2011. Her case has drawn international attention and sparked a groundswell of community support. CeCe spoke to PrettyQueer on December 12th.

To find out more about the case and learn how you can help visit: Support CeCe and FreeCeCe McDonald on facebook.

You can also sign the petition to free her.
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Point/Counterpoint: Are Ghosts Real?

June 30, 2011 |

Red Durkin on Point: Ghosts are not real

Sometimes people blame confusing experiences on supernatural forces instead of thinking about the logical, scientific cause. Ghosts and spirits are a common example of something that is not real, but that individuals use as a replacement for the truth. I know a person that has convinced themselves that ghosts are real because of a terrifying experience one night in their bed. They woke up suddenly and couldn’t move. Despite being totally awake, their body wouldn’t respond to them, and it felt like someone was holding them down. Since then, they have remained convinced that it was an evil spirit or a ghost that kept them from moving.

Eva Carrière having fun with découpage

Good news, it was not a ghost. Read More

Bye, Bye Big GAY Warehouse

June 28, 2011 |

The big Gay warehouse (bGw) is a large queer art space in the Bayview’s warehouse district in San Francisco. It is home to a number of underground queer artists as well as several queer-owned and operated small businesses. Or, at least, that was the plan. Organizers at bGw have announced that July 19th, 2011 will be the last day of the Big GAY Warehouse at 250 Industrial St.
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QuORUM Intervenes at NYC Pride Parade

June 27, 2011 |

Yesterday marked New York City’s 41st annual Pride Parade and thousands of revelers descended on downtown to celebrate. Despite reports to the contrary, this year’s shindig was not a spontaneous outpouring for the state’s day-and-a-half old Marriage Equality Act, but the culmination of months of planning paid for by an astronomical amount of sponsor dollars. While many Pride goers don’t know (and, frankly, don’t care) where the funds comes from, those that passed through Sheridan Square were encouraged to follow the money trail.
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