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Raymond Johnson

Raymond Johnson

A. Raymond Johnson is a writer, storyteller, DJ, and karaoke aficionado.

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Dancing with the Scars

September 20, 2011 |

Writing recaps for Dancing with the Stars started because I needed cash, so I started doing them for Out magazine’s pop culture blog, Popnography, but then a funny thing happened – I earnestly fell in love with the show. When the money dried up, I continued writing them for fun for my (indie) darling I Fry Mine In Butter. The show has long been flamboyant, but this year they decided to try and add a touch of authenticity to that claim, hiring both Carson Kressley and Chaz Bono to grace the dancefloor. Yeah, I said hire. People love to make the joke about how DWTS is usually lacking ‘star-power’, but the reality is that much of Hollywood’s B- and C-list would love to be asked, those lesser constellations got bills to pay, too. Carson’s landed an Oprah network show he needs to promote, and Chaz – the “Emmy-nominated author”, as Tom Bergeron announced him last night before a commercial break – is going next through that door, since it was recently confirmed his reality show will be debuting on OWN this fall. DWTS is perhaps the most physically demanding method to “plug away!” but great publicity is never cheap.
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