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About Jetta Robertson

Jetta Robertson

Jetta Robertson

Jetta Rae Robertson AKA TheyCallMeVroom AKA Black Dahlia Parton is a Level 7 Trans Woman Artist Activist living in the Bay Area. Her obsession with prime numbers will probably prevent her from reaching Level 8.

Posts By Jetta Robertson

Roy G. Business: Turning Queer Activism Into Work Experience

July 18, 2011 |

So you’ve come out, transitioned, worn your rainbow on your sleeve and now nobody will hire you because the market is just flooded with skilled, experienced candidate hopefuls who don’t have an issue with having their legal names on their nametags and won’t ask for Pride weekend off. We’ve all been there. Some of us still haven’t come back.

Well you can’t mope about it all day because you have your community potluck/rally/beer bust/zombie burlesque show to organize. If only companies were interested in people who devoted themselves to large scale projects at the cost of their free time and self-interest.

Wait a minute…you don’t think…well Jiminy Crickets. It’s a long shot, but maybe we can work our activism and volunteer work into resume points. I’m just kidding. It’s not a long shot at all. People do it every day to get a leg up on Jeffy Jabroni and his “I’m only in it for the money” resume. Fuck Jeffy. If he wants to prove he’s such an asset, he can work to make the world a better place in his free time. Companies want people who care.
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