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About Jake Pyne

Jake Pyne

Jake Pyne

Jake Pyne is a trans activist, community-based researcher and dad in Toronto. Jake has worked on a range of research and advocacy projects in the trans community over the past decade. He currently coordinates a project that is working to build communities and services to support families with gender independent children, whoever they may be.

Posts By Jake Pyne

You Are Who I Am

December 7, 2012 |

In an Op-Ed in the Advocate yesterday Riki Wilchins warned us that the end of the trans movement is in sight, thanks to a new wave of gender non-conforming / transgender youth who are accessing hormone blockers and transition care at earlier ages.  Children and adolescents it would seem, have some real growing up to do if they are going to get in line with the higher purpose of the transgender movement.

For those who are unfamiliar, access to medical care for early gender transition is rapidly expanding as we speak.  North American trans youth with supportive parents (and often class privilege) can now potentially access hormone blockers at the onset of puberty – blockers which can buy them some time to think and breathe without their body taking off in the opposite direction than they need it to go. As far as we know, puberty blockers are tested and safe and don’t necessarily lead directly to transitioning. Some youth decide to go off of them and let puberty take its course, while others decide that transition is the right thing for them.  Either way, ideally these decisions are driven by youth themselves, with parents and physicians following their lead. Reading Riki’s Op-Ed made it clear that we can now add trans adults and activists to the list of people who need to learn to take the back-seat and let youth do the driving.
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