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About Francesca Bongiorno Fortunato

Francesca Bongiorno Fortunato

Francesca Bongiorno Fortunato

Rev. Francesca Bongiorno Fortunato is an ordained minister, teacher, writer and performing artist, living in Brooklyn, New York, with her partner, Lynn and their two feline employers, Alice and Trixie. She has been a guest lecturer and Dean at the New Semiinary for Interfaith Studies, a guest lecturer at the International Seminary For Interfaith Studies, a frequent preacher at Dignity, NY (for LGBT Catholics) and a presenter at Creating Change and the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.

Posts By Francesca Bongiorno Fortunato

Love and Death

May 25, 2012 |

Love and Death,” in addition to being the title of a Woody Allen movie, seems like a pretty good summary of what our lives have been about during the past week. This was the week that my eighty-six year old mother-in-law (okay; not quite “law”) died, my partner and I celebrated our Holy Union, and she then went to Florida for her mother’s funeral without me. As I write this, I am alone in our Brooklyn apartment and will be alone for another four days. The silver band she placed on my finger is still there (along with the silver, sapphire-set engagement ring that matches the one I gave her). The two red roses we carried as we walked down the aisle together are hanging on the kitchen wall, bound by a green ribbon from one of our gift boxes, waiting to become sentimental keepsakes of this bittersweet time.  And I’m seeking solace in this computer, as I do far too often…
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Coming (Back) Out

April 27, 2012 |

You probably won’t believe how easy it was for me to come out, the first time around. Actually, it was so easy that I don’t even really remember it. My parents were ultra-liberal straight people, who had many Queer friends. I can’t recall a time when I didn’t know that some men fell in love with men, some women fell in love with women and some people could fall in love with both men and women. I was probably about ten or eleven years old when I realized that I was romantically attracted to both boys and girls. I matter-of-factly told my parents, who matter-of-factly accepted my reality, and life went on.

During my teens and twenties I had boyfriends and girlfriends. Everyone who knew me (aside from my grandparents, aunts and uncles) knew I was bisexual. No big whoop. Then I fell sufficiently in love with a man to marry him. He knew I was bisexual but he also knew I wasn’t polyamorous. Marriage meant monogamy. I wouldn’t have relationships with women anymore because…women were other people. I wasn’t planning to have sexual relationships with other men either. I knew the attractions to women were not going to disappear, anymore than attractions to other men would. I was a grownup. I had my priorities. I could deal.
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