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About Bryn Kelly

Bryn Kelly

Bryn Kelly

Bryn Kelly is all about the story. She has shared her written work at NYC-based performance series Gayety!, Low Standards, and Queer Memoir; on Showtime's and in Original Plumbing magazine; and in the forthcoming anthology, Trans/Love: Radical Sex, Love and Relationships Beyond the Gender Binary. She was a cofounder of Theater Transgression, a multimedia performance collective, and has appeared in Dixon Place's HOT! Festival and in Shakespeare at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. She hosts The Gay Ole Opry, an annual country music showcase, and lives in Brooklyn.

Posts By Bryn Kelly

Game On: Interview with Anna Anthropy

May 18, 2012 |

Anna Anthropy is a video game designer and the author of a new book, Rise of the Video Game Zinesters: How Freaks, Normals, Amateurs, Artists, Dreamers, Drop-outs, Queers, Housewives, and People Like You Are Taking Back an Art Form. PrettyQueer contributor, Bryn Kelly had a conversation with her recently about wrestling, cowgirl dykes, and taking over the world of gaming. She spoke with Bryn from her apartment in Oakland, California, which she shares with a couple of sleepy roommates, a kitten named Encyclopedia Frown, and a colony of hissing cockroaches.
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Baby, One More Time

July 28, 2011 |

Have you ever seen an adult baby? If you watch basic cable, there’s a good chance you have. This past Sunday, July 24th, The Learning Channel’s My Strange Addiction featured transgender blogger, techie, entrepreneur and fetish model Riley Kilo, and her interest in the adult baby lifestyle. You can check out the show’s trailer here to get a sense of how it turned out. I caught up with Riley at Nowhere Bar in the East Village and we talked about her love of diapers, Ichi the Killer, her issues with Lady Gaga, and what life is like in this, her sixteenth minute of fame.

PQ: When I got here, you were standing in front of the bar smoking a cigarette. My first thought was, “babies don’t smoke!”

Riley Kilo: I don’t smoke all the time, but I picked it up when I moved to New York City because it’s fucking crazy here. I guess since the TV show, people think that I’m a baby all the time, but I’m just a normal person. I like drinking beer and I like hanging out and I smoke pot. I used to be really involved in drugs in California, and really just kind of “out there.” Working at bars and venues, and being around all these crazy cultures and scenes.

I’m really cute and cuddly, and that’s how I like to express myself, but the more consistent thing I get from other adult babies is like, “Wow, you’re a lot more hardcore and a lot more gangsta than I thought you’d be.” There are definitely parts of my personality that exist from living on the streets in California for a long time.

But at the same time, Riley Kilo, the baby, is almost like, my brass ring of personalities. Like, I wish I could always be Riley Kilo, but, you know, this is a tough world, and you can’t be an adult baby all the time.

I’m kind of hung over, actually.

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