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About Autumn Nicole Bradley

Autumn Nicole Bradley

Autumn Nicole Bradley

Autumn Nicole Bradley is a science fiction and fantasy author who dreams of the day when steam-powered robot bodies and digital intelligence render all of this gender stuff passé. Until then, she's an out and proud trans woman mentoring students and allies on her college campus, and blogging about her written works at My Life In Neon.

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Larry King is why L, G, B, and T are together

September 5, 2011 |

I often hear the question asked, “Why does T belong with LGB?” It’s usually followed with the logic “LGB all refer to sexuality, while T is about sex/gender.” Larry King is why we belong together.

The media has spent the better part of the past three decades sending the message that trans people don’t exist outside of prostitution and daytime talk trash TV

During the pretrial and trial we learned that Larry King was gay. The media coverage focused significant attention on that fact: this was a gay murder trial, not just a murder trial. But between the crossdressing and the potential name change to Leticia, there was also compelling evidence that King was in the process of discovering they were trans, and that I and many others are remiss in not using female pronouns. (Sadly, King was killed before they could say one way or another so I will keep the pronouns neuter.)
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