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About Alice Kalafarski

Alice Kalafarski

Alice Kalafarski

Alice Kalafarski is a fanfic author, a boardgamer, and a math tutor. She volunteers on Boston's rape crisis hotline, and she always finishes reading the book selected for her book group. Her favorite rock star is Hedwig, and her favorite flower is wild pansies.

Posts By Alice Kalafarski

Just Another Woman at Michfest

September 1, 2011 |

Friday night I thought I had them beat: I was a trans woman at Michfest, and I was having an awesome time. A gospel singer was performing a song she wrote in the civil rights era, and she had all three thousand of us sing the refrain. The song said “don’t mind” their ignorance, “don’t mind” their hate, just don’t engage them at all and get on with living your life. It seemed like a perfect solution to deal with all the “Womyn Born Womyn” (WBW) types, and I decided to make “don’t mind” my motto.

In theory, it was a sound strategy. I knew there used to be a lot of drama about BDSM on the Land, but everyone with irrational fears about it eventually piped down once they realized that all their whining wasn’t going to make it go away. So if trans women like me could ignore the haters and enjoy fest just the same as everyone else, we’d eventually win the same acceptance… right?
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