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Dean Spade Speaks On CeCe McDonald Trial

Dean Spade Speaks On CeCe McDonald Trial
Tom Léger

PQ: Will she be placed into a maximum security prison situation?

DS: I don’t know. I’m not familiar with how this works in Minnesota. No one has been talking about that today. I don’t know what level of security facilities are used in Minnesota. I did hear today that Minnesota is one of the states that, compared to many others, imprisons fewer people, but is also one of the most racially targeted prison systems.

I have seen something similar in Seattle, where they have reduced the population of the youth jail, but it has become more racially targeted as they have reduced it. So it is like literally, the reforms are actually just refining the essential racist purpose of the prisons.

PQ: As far as the judge goes, does he have a lot of latitude, at this sentencing hearing on June 4th, to decide how long the sentence will be?

DS: What the lawyer told one of the people on the support team is that if the prosecutors are recommending the sentence of 41 months, which is the lowest within the options that the prosecutors have within that second degree manslaughter charge, the judge is not likely to change that. It probably will be what the prosecutors recommended. It sounded like there’s not a danger of surprise at the June 4 sentencing hearing.

For me, there is not a pure legal rule that could have made justice inside CeCe’s prosecution, the problem is CeCe’s prosecution itself.

PQ: It’s not likely to be higher than that either.

DS: Exactly, if they are recommending 41 months, the judge isn’t likely to say, “I’m going to set the sentence at 50 months,” or something like that. It sounds like the lawyer felt certain that the judge would follow prosecution recommendations. Again, I heard this through another activist so I cannot confirm this with great certainty.

PQ: Some people are online are already calling for the Governor of Minnesota to pardon CeCe, how likely do you think this would be?

DS: I have no idea, but I have been inspired by the history in the United States and elsewhere of large social movements being able to get people out of prison and out of detention who have been targeted by harmful systems. So I think we should never give up on that possibility.

PQ: Do you anticipate the support team working towards that type of an outcome in the next month or, what do you think is the next step?

DS: I think today, people were just dealing with what happened today, and having a lot of emotions about it because they have all been working so hard to support her for the last year, and people are already talking about how to maintain really good support to her, during the time she ends up spending in prison, and how to build support for her when she gets out.

Access to healthcare and things like that that are such a struggle for people coming out of prison. And her life has been so disrupted, she lost her apartment and she is no longer enrolled in school, all those things, so I think that is what a lot of people have been focusing on. But I wouldn’t be surprised if in the coming days they continued to strategize about all the possible options.

PQ: So this is a felony conviction, can you tell me a little about how this type of conviction changes a person’s life?

DS: In Minnesota, individuals convicted of felonies can’t vote while in prison or on parole or probation. In some states, it does affect your voting rights for some period after imprisonment or the rest of your life. Also, having a felony conviction impacts your ability to get employment.

Some jurisdictions bans employers from asking about convictions in the job application, but even in those places that doesn’t mean that an employer will follow that law and not ask. Usually applicants have to list convictions when applying for jobs, or people can find that out about you by doing a background check. Many jobs include background checks, and often landlords will also do checks that might turn up a conviction.

So, in many ways, having a felony conviction can marginalize people from the most basic needs–political participation, housing and employment–so it is really concerning. Some felony convictions can have affects on people’s ability to access financial aid, as well.

PQ: So obviously all of these things impact trans people more, because of intersections of oppression, but are there other things that become more difficult in terms of name changes and things that trans people are doing specifically.

DS: Yes, in jurisdictions that I have worked in, when you decide to change your name legally, you have to attach a report of convictions, and then you also have to provide notice to the prosecutor from the jurisdiction where you were convicted if you are changing your name.

So this adds hoops to jump through for so many administrative processes that might be central to people’s survival and well-being, especially trans people who have a lot of ID issues.

PQ: And as far as Medicare and health care and things like that, does this type of conviction affect eligibility for those entitlements?

DS: Not that I am aware of, but I think the biggest issue is that people experience such severe medical and nutritional deprivation while in prison, and such severe trauma, that it has long-lasting health effects, to spend any period of time locked up. Especially with the fact the CeCe had been denied care after her initial injury from the attack–those kinds of traumas and medical deprivations can have long-lasting effects on people’s health.

PQ: There has been some confusion about whether the judge did end up ruling on the swastika tattoo–about whether or not to admit that into evidence, do you know if that was discussed?

DS: There was a ruling that the defense could not introduce evidence about the swastika tattoo on the attacker. Also the judge did not allow the defense to include, concerning the person who died, the history of his violence against people in his family, even though the prosecution was allowed to and intended to introduce evidence that CeCe had once written a bad check. This is part of the process of framing CeCe as blame-worthy and dishonest, and cleaning up of the image of the person who attacked her.

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  1. “I think that the main, really important thing about this case, is that it has mobilized people all over the world to understand centrally the role of criminalization and racism in the struggles of trans people.”

    What about transmisogyny? The names we read out in November are primarily trans women of color.

  2. Regarding health insurance and entitlements: Prisoners do not get Medicaid while they are incarcerated, although they may reapply after their release. In my experience, many private and state-managed health insurance plans stop when an individual is convicted, during their incarceration. Prisons are then responsible for carrying on the health care and treatment already in place, although of course there are so many documented instances of poor or absent care that one can argue that systemically, prisons don’t really provide health care.

  3. Eloy

    To contact Governor Mark Dayton and Lt. Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon, please write, phone, fax or e-mail.

    Mailing Address:
    Office of the Governor
    130 State Capitol
    75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
    St. Paul, MN 55155

    Other ways to reach our office:

    Telephone: 651-201-3400
    Toll Free: 800-657-3717
    Minnesota Relay 800-627-3529
    Fax: 651-797-1850
    Contact the Governor’s Office

    • Julie Blair

      Thank you! We will be re-publishing this information soon with a thorough guide on writing to people who are currently incarcerated.

  4. In working with imprisoned trans women in Washington, DC, I was surprised to hear that some of them preferred to be housed with men (especially since their other option was solitary confinement). Many of these women had grown up with the male prisoners, and felt much more protected by them than by the corrections officers. They feared being alone. Unsurprisingly, prison systems are not centered on prisoner preferences. But I do hope that in our future conversations with policy makers and prison managers, we include the lived experiences and voices of trans women prisoners because we should never assume what their needs are.

    • Thank you for all of this, Everett.

  5. Julie Blair

    A huge amount of comments were removed from this article (but not deleted). Trust me, you didn’t miss anything. Unfortunately, some valid topics came into play but had to be sacrificed out of respect for CeCe and the issues she is facing, as discussed in this article.

    For the record, this is a transcription of an actual real-time 20-minute conversation with Dean with minor edits for clarity, approved by Dean Spade himself.

  6. Nora-Adrienne Deret

    In a sane and normal society these charges would never have been placed against CeCe. I really hope that after this bogus trial is over that someone will mount a campaign to have it declared illegal or something and have this judge who seems to be connected in way too many ways to the DA’s office removed.

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  12. Dean Spade Speaks On CeCe McDonald Trial |

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