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Tom Léger

Dean Spade is reporting that CeCe has taken a plea, admitting to 2nd degree manslaughter with a recommended 41-month sentence.

We’ll update as new information becomes available.


  1. I’m so freaking angry right now. If anyone attacked me with broken glass, why shouldn’t I be able to find a weapon to defend myself? The criminal justice system is broken, biased, seething with bigotry.

    • This is so very, very wrong. The constitution grants us the right to bear arms against all enemies, foreign and domestic. If someone comes after me as I’m walking home from work, I’m certainly going to pull out my chef’s knife. I will not meekly accept the violence. I will not meekly allow them to take my life. I will certainly defend myself to the utmost.

      For Judge Judy Moreno to speak to her condescendingly, to say, “You realize, that when you introduced a weapon into this, you endangered other lives,” shows his bias. What was her cheek gashed open with, then? A random gust of air? No. She was attacked with a weapon. Anything may be used as a weapon. A drinking glass, for instance.

      Is it improper to find an impromptu weapon to defend yourself when you are attacked with a weapon? No.

      Judge Jude Moreno, you’re speaking out of your ass.

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